The most efficient way to work is asking us to join the project in early stage, working as a team with the interior designers, architects, lighting and landscape consultants. From concept to installation, we provide a single point of contact for all of your works of art requirements, offering the highest quality and range of all levels of artworks and direct connections with artists, original concepts and design, community programs and involvement, project management, framing and installion.

We have unmatched experience of working seamlessly with clients, architects, interior designers and construction managers to deliver our art projects on time and on budget. Our consultants are experienced in the use of project management techniques including resource scheduling, GANTT charts, and risk assessment.

We work with architects and designers to plan and provide art that:

Is fully integrated with the architecture through site-specific commissions
Reinforces brand identity as part of the interior design
Provides a key element within urban and landscape design
Can provide a short term solution to client needs